Web development solutions

The offer

Basic website
Advanced website
What’s in it
A simple, beautifully designed website with basic company information
A potentially larger website that allows for more complexity
Number of pages
Responsive for mobile
Contact possibilities
Client can add pages
Starts at €1.200
Starts at € 3.000,00

Choosing between simplicity and adaptability

Do you prefer simplicity?

Choose for simplicity if you are content with having a basic website. Basic websites are great to create an online identity for your business, with an elegant and minimalist web design.
To keep it low cost I build these basic websites in a system that allows me to work fast and efficient, but it has the downside that its functionalities are limited. Therefore it’s neither a good system if you’re hoping to upgrade your website in the near future to something more expansive.


  • Minimal web design
  • Works on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • 1 to 4 websites pages
  • With the aim to displays basic company information
  • Uses a simple contact form

Do you require adaptability?

I build advanced websites in WordPress in combination with Elementor Pro and Crocoblock. These development tools allow me to build websites that are as beautiful and user friendly as the basic websites, and have the advantage that they’re nearly limitless in functionalities. Even if you desire to start with an advanced website that’s quite minimal in design, it’ll be easy to upgrade it in the future with extra features.


  • Allows for complex web designs
  • Works on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Nearly limitless website functionalities
  • The owner can add pages
  • Advanced contact functionalities
  • Your best choice if you’d (later) want to upgrade with an Eshop

What else is included

The website will be registered on Google Search console to make it rank (better) on Google.

Google Analytics will be linked to your website to track how your website performs.

Your website will work on mobile, tablet and desktop screens.

A Cookies and privacy page will be added.

Recurring costs

Recurring costs for a basic website

I use Squarespace to build my basic websites. Squarespace costs yearly about €200-250 to use their system, and this includes the cost for your webhosting and domainname.
If you also need a business email address with your domain, then it’ll require an extra setup and about €50-100 yearly.

Recurring costs for an advanced website

The recurring cost for an advanced website is about 350 euros yearly for hosting, domainname and the software used to build and maintain the website. (hosting providers offer discounts up to 63% on their €200 yearly fees for the first three years when you sign up with them)

Optional maintenance services

I offer maintenance services for €15/ month (€180 yearly), in return I’ll make sure that your website stays updated with the latest software. This is important if you want your website to keep receiving the highest level of security, which also helps your website rank higher on search engines such as Google.

Also, I’ll be available to answer your questions and I can make small changes to your website with no extra cost.

Do you require simplicity or adaptability

Basic website

Squarespace for simplicity

If you require simplicity: then I use Squarespace. It’s perfect for a quick, user-friendly, and attractive online presence without a deep dive into custom functionalities.


  • Minimal web design
  • 1 to 4 websites pages
  • With the aim to displays
  • basic company information
  • Uses a simple contact form

Tailored website

WordPress for adaptabiliity

Do you require a website with more advanced features? Then WordPress is the ideal choice for businesses. This system offers a more in-depth, tailored solution with room for growth and complexity.



  • Allows for complex web designs
  • Possible website functionalities are almost limitless
  • Extra pages can easily be added
  • Advanced contact functionalities
  • Your best choice if you’d (later) want to add an Eshop to the website

What I offer and how I work

You are looking for someone to build you a new website

If you are looking for someone to build you a new website, I am excited to hear about the project that you have in mind.

Even if you are not sure yet about what kind of website you need or how it has to look, or have little knowledge about the digital world, I am happy to listen and guide you through the process of building a website.

You can learn more about my services on my website, or you can contact me to schedule a consultation. I would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started on your new website.

Where to start

Once you reach out to me, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your needs for the website. I’ll then work on a proposal and design that I think you’ll love. Once we’ve agreed on the design, we’ll build the website and get it up and running as soon as possible.

I’ll also add the website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics so you can start tracking your traffic right away. And if you need any additional services, such as maintenance or support, I’m always here to help.

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Functionalities and prices

Basic website
Advanced website
WordPress + Elementor Pro
Very user friendly
Exceptional design flexibility
Perfect for quick and simple websites
Near-limitless functionality
Easily scalable for future growth
Starts at € 1.600,00
Starts at € 3.200,00
Number of custom build pages
1 – 4
1 – 5 or more
Design reviews
1 design, 1 review
1 design, 2 reviews
Responsive for mobile
‘Services’ page
‘About us’ page
‘Contact’ page
Additional custom made pages
Option to add pages (such as a blog)
Multiple languages
Eshop compatibility
Advanced features
Near-limitless functionalities

Ready to start? Or do you have a question for me?

Ready to start? Just reach out to me with your questions or to schedule a first call. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started on your new website!

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