I am a freelance digital expert, I make websites and do photography

I am Louka, a freelance web developer and photographer who lives in Brussels, Belgium. I offer a mix of web design, development and photography services.

I create qualitative websites of all sizes

Get refunded if you’re not happy with the result

Distinguish your brand with great photo’s

Garage CarBike, photography by Louka Van Roy
Herboriste Place Aux Plantes, Picture by photographer Louka Van Roy

My prices and offer

Business photography

A website is only as good as the pictures it uses. Show your visitors what you do and what your brand is about through compelling images!

My offer:

  • High quality visuals for your website and social media
  • Pictures that show your business
  • I do product photography I can take portrait pictures


  • €250 per half day of work

Professional websites

Websites can serve many purposes: showcasing your services online, establishing trust and professionalism, and generating more leads. Whatever your need for a website, I will design and build it.

My offer:

  • Web design that reflects your brand identity
  • Easy to use website interfaces
  • Responsive for mobile, tablet and computer screens
  • Web development


  • Basic websites range between €1.200 and €2.000
  • More advanced websites start at €3.000

Advanced functionalities

Do you need a website for a specific purpose? For example, a blog, an e-shop, or a website with an elaborate search function? I create websites with nearly limitless functional capabilities.

My offer:

  • Building websites with specialized functionalities like blogs, e-shops, advanced search, etc.
  • Scalable Solutions: Creating websites that can grow and adapt with your business.


  • Prices depend on the specifics of the advanced functionalities

My latest web development projects


Touiss Optique

Touiss Optique, opticien qui s’occupe de votre vue en région Bruxelloise.


Guided tours in Brussels by Dirk Van Roy, licensed and local guide.

Photography for web

High-quality, professional photographs don’t just beautify a website; they communicate the caliber and professionalism of your business.

A beautifully captured image can narrate your brand story more compellingly than paragraphs of text, fostering immediate trust and connection.

Investing in professional and aesthetically pleasing photographs ensures that every visitor’s initial encounter with your brand is impactful and memorable.

I design and build websites

The value of a website

In today’s digital age, a website serves as your business’s virtual storefront. More than just a digital presence, it establishes your brand’s professionalism.

For those who’ve heard about you or are eager to know more, your website provides a comprehensive platform where they can learn more about your business and story.

Furthermore, a well-structured website offers an accessible avenue for people to contact you, making business transactions smoother and more efficient.

Why I love making websites

I thrive on collaborating with individuals who have poured their heart and soul into their businesses. Together, let’s build a digital presence that’s not just functional, but a captivating reflection of your brand.

Louka Van Roy coding with his back to the camera

Let's build your website

Are you looking for a web developer or photographer based in Brussels? I’m passionate about creating beautiful and functional websites and capturing stunning images.

If you need a website or photography project, let’s get started! Simply send me a message through the contact page, or an email directly to info@loukavanroy.be. I usually reply within 3 working days.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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